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17 Feb 12:

beyerdynamic HS 800 Headset Review - James Kilford

The smart HS 800 digital aviation headset is German manufacturer beyerdynamic's upgraded version of the existing HS 600 headset. The key difference is that the HS 800 incorporates a combination of both feedback and feedforward Digital Adaptive Noise Reduction (DANR). Available at around £675 new, it would represent quite an investment for the average GA pilot, however – so I recently took it for a test flight to see how it performed in the cockpit, and whether it justifies the relatively high price tag. more...
17 Jun 11:

A lesson in Pre-flight checks - philip robinson

As all pilots are aware, flying is a serious business and the training we receive is always directed to safe and smooth operation of our aircraft. As we gain in experience, many of the things we learned by rote as a student (and didn't fully understand) are consolidated as our knowledge increases. We start to question the logic, “Hmm... I wonder why I have to check the hatches are closed before landing in my PA28, they have been firmly closed for the last hour since I took off ?” or “Sigh, this aircraft has been pre-flight checked at least a dozen times today, why do I need to do it again ?” more...
12 Jan 11:

Book Review: Short hops across the Atlantic - James Kilford

Pilot and author Colin Cox has written a very readable book chronicling his true-life flying adventures in a single engine light aircraft. Transporting readers from the exotic Caribbean to the freezing icy landscapes of Greenland, Cox encounters many flying dramas in between, including a heart-stopping engine problem over the Arctic and a run-in with a private nudist colony! more...
15 Nov 10:

“He'll be in trouble later...“, she said: a spooky flying tale! - philip robinson

Philip Robinson recalls a fine journey to France and a frightening trip home... more...
20 Oct 10:

Fit to fly? - Rebecca Burns

Every pilot has to have a medical or declare themselves medically fit to fly, but in between these formal checks it's important that pilots take responsibility for their own wellbeing - and their ability to fly on any particular day. more...
18 Oct 10:

Tips for avoiding airspace infringements - Rebecca Burns

An airspace infringement is an inadvertent or unauthorised penetration of controlled airspace by General Aviation aircraft. It represents a potentially serious aviation hazard - either from an actual mid-air collision or from a rapid avoidance manoeuvre. more...
11 Oct 10:

Stalling a plane - Rebecca Burns

Stalling a plane is something virtually every student pilot feels nervous about, but it's a manoeuvre you'll practise during flight training to make sure you can deal with if the situation arises. This article aims to provide a basic overview of why a stall occurs, what happens during a stall, and how to recover. more...
8 Oct 10:

Learning to fly - Rebecca Burns

Flying light aircraft can be a truly exhilarating hobby, giving you great freedom and the opportunity to see the world from a fresh perspective. If you're considering learning to fly, you're bound to have stacks of questions in your mind about where to start and what to expect. This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what's involved in learning to fly, from estimated costs and timescales to information about the syllabus for flight training and the theory examinations you need to pass. more...
18 Jun 08:

Own or hire, you decide! - Andrew Komosa

Andrew Komosa answers some recurring questions about the costs of owning vs. hiring. more...
12 Mar 08:

Efforts to promote GA - Chris Cauwood

28 Feb 07:

Sherburn Sunday - Richard Maxted

21 Feb 07:

Air-racing for beginners - Carrie Z

The much-coveted Schneider Trophy took pride of place in Sheffield Aero Club at Netherthorpe, my base airfield, after a fellow resident John Kelsall won the prize racing in his RV-7 back in 2004. Seeing the trophy sparked an interest in air racing, although an interest that I allowed to lay dormant, after all – air racing must be for the aces with fast aeroplanes. How could I possibly try anything so exciting, having only recently gained my PPL, and flying a Cessna 172? more...
26 Apr 06:

Review of "Fly!: The London Airshow" - Leia Fee

Leia Fee reviews this year's Earl's Court event... more...
26 Apr 06:

Visit to Brooklands Aviation and Motor Museum - Leia Fee

A day trip to an atmospheric museum of transport heritage... more...
11 Mar 06:

A rough guide to microlights - Simon Newton

Everything you wanted to know about the lighter side of aviation but were afraid to ask... more...
10 Mar 06:

Poetry of Flight - Richard Maxted

Richard Maxted puts the flying year into verse... more...
28 Feb 06:

X-Plane 8 review - David Forbes

X-Plane is serious flight simulator. It uses a sophisticated aerodynamic model of airflows to provide one of the most realistic simulations available. So good in fact, that FAA has approved its use for ATPL training. But is it any good? David Forbes reveals all... more...
28 Feb 06:

First take-off lesson - Fran 'the Blue' Ball

Fran describes the lesson during which she did her first unassisted take-off. more...
3 Jan 06:

A Centennial Flight - Simon Newton

Simon celebrates his 100 hours total flying time with a bracing New Year flight... more...
16 Nov 05:

Review of Justflight's RAF Vulcan FS add-on - James Kilford

Big, noisy, anachronistic -- no, I'm not talking about Phil, I'm talking about Justflight's RAF Vulcan add-on. Like Phil though, it's a bit frightening but a good laugh. more...
30 Oct 05:

Time to Buy a New Calendar... - Leia Fee

Leia Fee muses over the past year's flying escapades. more...
29 Sep 05:

It has been quite a summer - Richard Maxted

Richard Maxter reflects on the flying season. more...
14 Jul 05:

Wings around the World - Voyage to the Ice - Polly Vacher

Polly Vacher describes her 60,000nm round-the-world flight. more...
27 Jun 05:

Review of ITVV's DVD: Virgin 747-400 - James Kilford

15 Jun 05:

UKGA Visit to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch - Leia Fee

Leia Fee describes a somewhat sad but very enlightening day out. more...
17 May 05:

Review of "Teach Me to Fly - Fixed Wing Edition" - Dave Hall

Dave Hall reviews Teach-me Interactive's "Teach Me to Fly - Fixed Wing Edition" -- an interactive computer-based training tool for PPL students. more...
14 May 05:

The Law of Averages - Richard Maxted

20 Apr 05:

Reality... - Richard Maxted

Richard Maxted reflects on a year of flying since getting his licence. more...
9 Apr 05:

Anatomy of a student pilot - Colin Baxter

"At age eleven or so, I had my first flight in a light aircraft – a pleasure flight in a C172 from Rochester airport. Looking back, £7 was a lot to pay in the early seventies for a single circuit, but Mother knew how deep my passion was. I can remember the feeling as the pilot opened the throttle – the noise, the adrenaline rush as we accelerated across the grass, the vibration as the undercarriage absorbed most of the roughness of the ground. Then the feeling of elation as everything became smooth as we – no I – started to actually fly!" Colin Baxter recalls what made him start learning to fly... more...
18 Feb 05:

Once upon a time there was a blind guy who loved flying... - Andrew Komosa

Once upon a time there was a blind guy who loved flying, so he bought his own aircraft and got his girlfriend to learn to fly against her will. This is the story of Andrew Komosa, his now fiancé Debbie Plumb, their PA28 G-ATOO, and their first long distance trip from Goodwood in Sussex to Blackpool. more...
12 Feb 05:

Formation Adventure - AndyR

"As I drove around the airfield perimeter road I mused over what the day had in store for me. My palms were a little moist with nervous anticipation. The SOP’s I had been learning over the past few days jumbled themselves around in my head. Would I make the grade I wondered idly." more...
24 Nov 04:

UK VFR Photographic Scenery review - James Kilford

Serious learning tool, or pretty add-on for Flight Sim? Find out in our review of Justflight's UK VFR Photographic Scenery. more...
18 Jun 04:

10 Things to do in a Ditch - Eric Mole

29 Sep 03:

Flying into new airfields - Allan

Psychologist Allan Wood gives us an insight into why we panic at a new airfield and what we can do to stop it... more...
5 Aug 03:

Learning Beyond the Skills test - Jason Smart

On Sunday the 27th July, I once again headed over to Full Sutton Airfield. The weather was generally fine, but Richard Hambly (resident flying instructor) warned me to be careful when on final approach for runway 22. He said that there was quite a bit of windshear just before the threshold, and that if I experienced a sudden drop in height at this point, then I was to execute a 'go around' without delay. He also warned me about a parachute-dropping zone near to the seaside town of Bridlington (one of my planned turning points), and so told me be careful when in that area, and if necessary, to avoid it.

Excerpt from Jason Smart's forthcoming book, "Learning to Fly (A Journey towards the UK PPL)" more...

30 Jul 03:

Buying the Commander in Dubai and the return flight - Len Jones

It took weeks and weeks to decide to buy the three and a half year old Commander 114B. And once I had, it took yet more weeks to arrange 'everything' involved. The list seemed endless. The decision about the finance took more time than I thought, banker's draft's, transfers, foreign currency etc. It is based in Dubai so I had to decide about how to get it back to the UK. 'Have it sent round' or fly it myself. It seemed a long way, which is not too much of a problem, but it did involve flying across some very inhospitable terrain and some not so helpful countries more...
27 Jul 03:

First Solo - Jeremy Bowman

The first thought was 'Are you mad?' shortly followed by a feeling that I'd nicked the plane. I looked back and Steve was still walking towards the Flying school. Well at least he hadn't heard my radio screw up. And at least he wasn't running after me to stop me nicking the plane. Reality check! more...
12 Jun 03:

Visit to UK AIS - Andrew

Situated in The Control Tower Building, UK AIS is right in the heart of London's Heathrow Airport directly opposite Terminal 2. I was hoping for a landing slot but I think that it really was too much to hope for a SVFR clearance through Class A airspace to land visually in between Speedbird 358 and Virgin 546 'Heavy' in my little C172; Ah well, one day perhaps! more...
31 May 03:

Manchester's Early Aviation - Simon Barlow

The first long distance flight in England was from London to Manchester by Frenchman Louis Paulham in his Farman Biplane. He landed in a field next to Burnage Station on 28th April 1910 to claim the £10,000 Daily Mail prize for the first person to fly from London to Manchester. His 183 mile flight with just one stop was a greater achievement than Bleriot's 24 mile hop across the Channel nine months earlier more...
25 May 03:

New Zealand – South Island - Philip C Robinson

Phil Robinson describes a breathtaking mountain flight in the south of New Zealand. more...
22 May 03:

Flying The New Jabiru J400 4-Seater - David Johnston

'You can't possibly come to Bundaberg on a flying holiday without flying our new 4 seater’, said Rodney Stiff, Jabiru’s MD, when I bumped into him outside the Jabiru factory. ‘Jamie will be happy to give you a ride later this afternoon.’ What could I say but yes please? more...
15 May 03:

The Joys of Buying a Share - Rob Sawyer

An excerpt from ‘NOTES FROM A SMALL MIND’.

On the notice board was an advert for a share for sale in a Pa-28R Arrow 180... This witty first chapter from Rob Sawyer's book gives a valuable lesson about planning away-trips. more...

FAA licensing for UK pilots - DAVID GINSBERG

David Ginsberg gives a few pointers on transferring pilots and planes to the FAA system. more...

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