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Share in a PA46 Jetprop to be based at Fairoaks

Tue 20 Oct - Gareth Hansford
Location: Fairoaks
Are you ready to take the next step with your flying?
If you're an experienced Pilot then come and fly a PA46 Jetprop to be based at Fairoaks.
We are in the process of acquiring a beautiful 2005 PA46 which was converted to a Jetprop in 2012, that has good hours, good spec and good overall condition.
The plan is to create a group of 3 private flyers to maximize availability and optimize costs - the switch to Jet A1 means the running costs are very similar to a Cirrus SR22, with the added advantage of climbing to FL270 and moving at 250kts+ TAS, and 2 extra seats!
You will require 500hrs plus an HPA endorsement and IR but training can be provided within the group.
If this is of interest give Ben a call on 07789 625099
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Share for sale in a Piper PA32R Saratoga based at Biggin Hill

Fri 16 Oct - Paul Sodagar
Location: Biggin Hill

• IFR Ready: HSI and KFC200 autopilot and flight director, slaved to the GNS430

• Mode S/8.33

• 6 place intercom with crew isolation

• ELT, lifejackets, life raft and spare headsets

• Black leather interior with club seating

• Healthy Engine Fund

• Hangered – excellent base for touring, aircraft moved into and out of hangar for you and re-fuelled

• Very comfortable aircraft for both crew and passengers with club class rear seating arrangement and centre refreshment console. Friendly group along with a group instructor (CRI) available for check-out, conversion training etc.


Will consider Equity or None-Equity options.


Paul Sodagar- paulsodagar@gmail.com

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PA38 Piper Tomahawk Share Based Kemble

Fri 16 Oct - John Stephenson
Location: Kemble

I have for sale my one ninth share for in this PA38 based at Kemble.


I am only selling due to the fact that my work commitments are preventing me from flying sufficiently to justify keeping the share, so I shall be taking some time out from aviation over the next couple of years. There is excellent availability either during the week or the weekend as well.


Recently completed annual in May 20, she is hangered and has 1534 engine hours, airframe 8634 and well equipped including a Gamin 430 and mode C transponder.


Monthly's of £110 and £70 per tacho hour wet.


I am looking for circa £1250.


Call me on 07736 502472 for further details.

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Share in Tiger Moth, well established group White Waltham

Wed 14 Oct - Peter Ormrod
Location: White Waltham

1/11th share of a well maintained group owned Tiger Moth.

£132/hr wet and £88 monthly charge.

Call 07468329631 for details.  Share £6500 and subject to experience acceptable by this established group.

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Tue 13 Oct - WILCO Aviation
Location: Gloucestershire

We are pleased to offer a 1/5th share in this beautiful example of Socata’s TB20 Trinidad benefiting from a low time normally aspirated fuel injected Lycoming O-540 260HP engine. The aircraft 1/5th share is being offered and hangared at Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton EGBJ.

Romeo Bravo benefits from having low engine and low airframe hours as well as being fully IFR equipped fast tourer. The well managed stable group has its own CBIR instructor to offer any differences training that may be required as well as biannual checks.

The Socata TB is a series of light single engine piston aircraft developed and manufactured by French aircraft company SOCATA. The letters TB within the designation stands for Tarbes, the French city where the aircraft is manufactured. The TB series planes have come to be known as the “Caribbean Planes”, due to the island naming convention adopted for the various models, though they are not often seen flown in that region.

All aircraft (with the exception of the TB9) have a constant speed propeller. The TB series have become widely used training and touring aircraft and are often used for instrument training. They are defined by their superior (and contemporary) fit and finish and interior size compared to other four-seat single-engine aircraft, they are relatively roomy at 49 inches (124 cm) at the shoulder, plus or minus. In part, this is due to the fuselage having a pronounced “round out” above the wing. Adding to the actual spaciousness, the side windows extend up well into the roof line, giving the Socata an airy feeling.

Group Costs

1/5th Share – £16,000 GBP

Fixed Monthly Cost – £220 GBP

Flying Per Hour (Dry) – £35 GBP

Total fuel 320 Litres 140knt cruise @ 75% power

Interior: Grey fabric Exterior: Maroon & White with Gold Trim

Garmin GTN 650 NAV/COM/GPS

GTX 330 ES mode S (ADS-B) transponder

Garmin GNC 250 NAV

King 165 NAV/COM

KAP 150 3 Axis Autopilot with Approach Capability

Engine Monitor

Direction Indicator (DI)

Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI)

Air Speed Indicator (ASI)

Altitude Indicator (AI)

Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

Automatic Direction Finding (ADF)

NAV Lights Landing light Strobe Lights Interior - 7/10

Exterior - 7/10

YEAR: 1990

MAKE: Socata

MODEL: TB20 Trinidad



AIRFRAME HOURS: 3082 (+/- 5hrs)


ENGINE HOURS: 610 (+/- 5hrs)


PROP HOURS: 12 (+/- 5hrs)


LAST ANNUAL: Expires February 2021

LAST ARC: Expires 27/05/2021


1/5th SHARE PRICE: £16,000 GBP 


Telephone: +44 (0)20 3475 9255

+44 (0)7568302334 

Email: enquiries@wilcoaviation.co.uk


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Non-Equity Share Robin DR400/120 at Leeds East

Tue 13 Oct - Judith Shackleton
Location: Church Fenton

One, One Fifth, Non-Equity Shares Available in Robin DR400/120

Based at the newly re-developed Leeds East Airport, formerly RAF Church Fenton


Great VFR touring aircraft; cruises at over 100 knots.

£160 per month standing charge

Flying charged at £55 per hour plus 25L fuel Only time airborne is charged


Web based booking system


Good availability

There are no landing fees at Leeds East for resident aircraft and AVGAS is currently just £1.40 per litre inc VAT

Great Airfield

In-to-wind runways!




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Looking for affordable group share opportunities in the Oxford area

Mon 12 Oct - George Kristiansen
Location: Oxford

Hi - I'm George, and I've held my PPL for 3 years now. I'm currently at 90 hours SEP, and I'd love to join a flying group to have fun in the air, build my experience, and do occasional multi-day trips without having to fit around flight school schedules. I'm based near Oxford, but happy to travel for the right opportunity.


So far I've flown C152s, PA28s and the occasional C172. Most of my hours are in the UK, but some are from Australia and the USA where I've worked and travelled in recent years. I typically fly 1-2 hours per month, but I'm hoping to boost this by making the transition from flight school renting to joining an affordable group with decent weekend availability.


Any aircraft considered, although I'd need extra training for complex or tailwheel types. Good value hour building in a typical SEP plane is really what I'm looking for!


Thanks for your consideration.

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Sat 10 Oct - Doug Holtom
Location: Blackpool

STOLEN from Blackpool Airport:



Serial No:97101157


Red Sidewinder Battery Operated Tow Bar for a PIPER SENECCA.


Stolen from a recently deceased owners aircraft.


Reward Offered for information and recovery of the above.

Doug Holtom 07973 623492

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Aircraft for Museum WANTED !

Fri 9 Oct - Marian Madalin

Looking for donations/sponsorships of old airframe or airframes for public static display into a new aviation museum that will be opened in Europe , called Bucharest Aerospace Museum ( search for it on Google or visit the link below)



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Fri 9 Oct - Derek Phillips

Two wing covers in blue to fit a ROCKWEL COMMANDER 112TC or 114.

Both in excellent condition with individual storage bags. Protect your aircraft from the harsh winter weather.

Offered at £550 the pair. 


Derek Philips



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Forums Currently discussing "Logbook entries"


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