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Group Shares classifieds

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New 172 Group at Wellesbourne: One sixth shares available in a Reims Cessna FR17

8 Apr 22 - Jack Holmes

New 172 Group at Wellesbourne: One sixth shares available in a Reims Cessna FR172K £15,250. A 172 on Steroids! with Continental 6-cyl 195HP variable pitch prop, short field ops, 40 flapper, plus 41 stone on full tanks. Cruise 115-120 Kts. Full IFR with Garmin 2x G5's AI & HSI, touchscreen GTN650Xi and GNS430 (twin: NAV, Comm & GPS) GTX345 Mode S with ADS-B In/ Out - displays traffic on the 650 or Bluetooth to iPad, DME, S-Tec 30 2-axis autopilot, JPI 450 fuel monitor. Grey leather interior. TTAF1670. £110/ Hour; £100/ month. Contact Simon Turner (07802 281983/ sndt57@gmail.com)

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Hornet Moth Share For Sale

10 Mar 22 - John McMillan

Due to retirement, a one sixth share in our immaculate dH87B Hornet Moth G-ADNE 'Ariadne' is for sale at £12,000. Based at Oaksey Park.


Advertised in the 1930's as a 'Gentleman's Tourer', we believe this is the only Hornet Moth group in the UK, and has been established since 1995.


Electric starter, 35IG Tank, 8.33kHz radio and Transponder.


Contact John McMillan +44 (0)7837 815 269 or email hornetmothshare@gmail.com

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Cessna FR172 Reims Rocket 1/8 share based Shoreham

24 Jan 22 - Roger Buckingham

A 1/8th share is for sale in this lovely Cessna 172 Reims Rocket.

VB is fitted with a 210hp, fuel injected Continental 6 cylinder Continental engine, making this a real go-places aircraft, together with great STOL performance.

She has a comprehensive avionics fit, including 2 x 8.33 Navcom, mode S Transponder and Garmin touch-screen GPS.


This is a very friendly Group, with great availability together with internet booking system. The aircraft is also kept in a heated hangar.


Share Cost: £4,500. Monthly:£125, £108 per flying hour wet.

For more information, please contact Roger: rogerbucks@talktalk.net

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Cessna 172 at Exeter - Group

18 Jan 22 - JohnM Tipton

Non equity share: Cessna 172 at Exeter

Low hours since new engine and new prop.

Hangared - 8.33 Com/Nav, ADF, Transponder A/C, Lifejackets & Liferaft, ''Fastfind'' GPS emergency locator

Excellent performer


Costs: £95.00 monthly - 1st hour flown £96.00 per hour, subsequent time, in the month £72.00 per hour (all wet, T/O to Landing), plus 5 minutes taxi

Commitment deposit: £495.00 (fully refundable with six month notice of leaving) - Request time on similar (C172/PA28 etc) aircraft.


Contact: Tel 07591-588226


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1/8th share in 1974 Cessna 150M

15 Nov 21 - Thomas Dames

I am selling a 1/8th share in this lovely 1974 Cessna 150M based at Elstree Airfield. I bought the share as I needed to re-validate my PPL, and the instructors at Flight Training London are familiar with the aircraft, allowing one to train/ hour build in one's own aircraft.


£2,000 for the share, plus a monthly sub of £100 and £90 per hour wet. 


Sadly, I have moved away from the area and can no longer justify keeping it.


This is a friendly, well run group, with bookings made through the "Keep and Share" app. Flying slots are readily available.

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2 x Shares available Grob 109b G-BMMP

1 Nov 21 - David Holt

2 x shares available in an immaculate Grob 109b Motorglider based at SLEAP(EGCV) Aircraft fully overhauled and new engine fitted Aug 2012 and has only flown 401 hours since. Aircraft is based at SLEAP and has its own "T" hanger with solid base and concrete Taxiway. Aircraft Built: 1986 Overhauled 2012 New Engine and Prop fitted 2012 There are 2 shares available each as a quarter share of the aircraft the syndicate has a very healthy bank account to cover all eventualities and included with the share price of £12,000:00 each More details: contact Dave 07970 532018

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Cessna 172M 180hp 1/10th share for sale.

11 Sep 21 - ray cox

Biggin based, TTE c450 TTAF c7000. IFR equipped, life raft, headsets, life jackets, usb ports, Online booking, well established friendly group. £120 monthly, £81.26 tacho wet. Included in sale is Sky Echo 2 ADSB, Icom A25ne radio, Garmin 296 with attachments, flight bag, manuals, training material, 2020 Pooleys and 1.500 south of England chart.


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Exceptional Lancair 320-Mk2 Project in South Kent

24 Aug 21 - L H van Cleeff

1 or 2 partner(s) sought to finalise the advanced high-standard refurbishment of this rare FAST aircraft.


Wanted: Minimum PPL +100 hrs, fast complex types, IR(R).

Desired: (Aero-)engine and composite frame GRE skills; avionics an advantage.

Input: £27k and proportional hands-on rebuilding involvement.

Scope: Permit renewal within 12 months, then operating/maintaining the aircraft as 3rd/4th co-owner.



Only six of these fabulous LAA kit planes exist on the UK Register. They’re quite a handful but exhilarating to fly, with a 90-knot approach and true 165-knot cruise.

G-CBAF first flew in 2002. Her airframe is an extremely strong, maintenance-free epoxy-reinforced honeycomb structure. She has a VP/CS prop, retractable undercarriage, electric flaps and trim, and a GPS-integrated DigiFlight autopilot. The upgraded panel includes AoA and fuel flow meters, VOR, OAT/clock and extensive engine instruments. All instrument hoses were replaced with colour-coded silicone.

She has a GTX327 Xponder. The plan is upgrading the KX155 Nav/Com to an 8.33 compliant version and exchanging or complementing the SkyMap IIIC SatNav for or with an iPad Mini running SkyDemon.

Currently the Lycoming IO-320 engine (TSMO 93 hrs), magnetos and engine mount are being reconditioned and the zero-timed CS prop recertified by Hoffmann. Following their re-assembly it all needs to be put back together, the interior and some upholstery upgraded, minor body work done and all systems extensively tested prior to Permit re-issue planned for 2022.


Serious enquiries: email vancleeff@hotmail.co.uk or phone 07714-455521

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Slingsby Firefly T67M 1/10 Share For Sale Sherburn United Kingdom

24 Aug 21 - Marco Sarussi

Firefly T67M 5200


Tango Zulu is a two seat Slingsby Firefly T67M with a 160 hp fuel-injected Lycoming AEIO320 engine, a three-blade constant-speed propeller, single piece canopy and fuel in firewall tank. The fuel-injected engine with inverted fuel and oil systems allows the aircraft to perform aerobatics. The most recent annual was completed 20th May 2021. A new 3 blade MT-propeller was recently installed improving performance.


The group has been established at Sherburn Aero club for over two decades. We have an on line booking system and great availability. This website provides a wealth of information to the members.


The share price is £5,200

Standing charges are £80 per month payable by direct debit.

Flying costs are £90 per hour wet (includes fuel and oil costs).


You can see videos on the aircraft if you go to YouTube and search 'fly with marco'.


This aircraft has an interesting history and featured on Come Outside on BBC 1 with Auntie Mable and Pippin the dog!




What is the availability like?


Excellent ! Typical usage 100 hrs per year – usually 1 hr duration flights. Aero sorties are generally shorter.


Can I block book ahead?


We limit forward bookings to two sessions ahead to maintain good availability. Exceptions can be requested. The group rules allow any member to book the plane for the whole weekend twice in a year. Availability in the week is usually very good.


What are the aircraft hours?


Airframe hrs are circa 4,700 . Engine had a full overhaul carried out by Multi flight in Leeds. Completed May 2019. The propeller was new at Jan 2021.


Aeros capability?


They type is fully aerobatic +6 -3G. However the group agreed to restrict this to +4 and -2G to preserve the airframe and reduce fatigue.


Call/text now to find out more - this won't last long!

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Looking for a share in an SR22 in the southeast of England

17 Aug 21 - Tim Pick



I am looking for a share in an SR22 in the southeast of England (within range of London). Experienced Cirrus SR22 pilot.


Please let me know if you have any leads. Thank you.



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Aircraft to Rent around Surrey

16 Aug 21 - Lewis Berry

Hi there,


I am looking to rent an aircraft around Surrey. I currently fly from EGKR but happy to fly from elsewhere. I can guarantee a number of hours per month.


I look forward to hearing from you,

Many Thanks

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1/6 Share for sale in Piper Arrow || at Goodwood EGHR - £7,000

12 Aug 21 - David Collyer

1/6 Share for sale in 1973 Piper Arrow || at Goodwood - £7,000


£200 per month

£90 per tacho hour wet


Well run group with online booking system and excellent availability. Hangared and maintained at Goodwood since new, full aircraft history known. Great touring machine with four hours of cruise + reserve. Group has own locker space with life raft, 4x life jackets and hi-vis. New vacuum pump, new EGT gauge, new LED landing light, new landing gear hydraulic pump, new hydraulic pressure switch. Yokes recently repainted.


5200h TT

305 Engine Hours (new in 2016)

55 Prop Hours (overhauled in 2020)


KCS55A HSI + Compass

GMA340 Audio Panel



GTX328 Mode S Transponder


KR 85 ADF with RMI

Piper Autocontrol ||| Autopilot

4 Place Intercom


Contact David at davidjamescollyer[at]gmail.com for info/pictures or to discuss.

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Fairoaks based Robin R100 - 2 shares available

12 Aug 21 - Nick Brown

2 Equity shares now available in 1982 Robin Aiglon R1180TD


Small friendly long established group based at Fairoaks.

10 members - 7 equity and 3 non equity.


Aircraft hangared with good availability via online booking.


Annual completed August 2021 along with prop overhaul and bi annual wing spar inspection.


Airframe 5660.15

Engine 1697.08

Propeller 0.5


Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel,

Garmin GNC255A Com/Nav 8.33Khz

King KX155 VHF Com/Nav

Garmin GTX330 Mode S Transponder

Narco DME - 190 Series


SkyEcho 2


Grey leather interior, 2 additional headsets + PLB and 4 lifejackets.


Great 4 seater 180hp touring aircraft with long range tanks (258 ltrs)


£135 monthly and currently £112 hourly.


50+ hours P1 SEP desirable but not essential.


Share price £3450 each


For further information please contact Nick Brown 07702 975348

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1/4 Share of Bulldog - G-BULL

11 Aug 21 - David Jones

Rare Opportunity:


Quarter share of Bulldog - G-BULL for sale. Based at Kemble (EGBP) - HKG 5 Ex RHKAF - Wing Spar Mod completed and new engine. Be part of a great group, good availability - Can teach / convert on to type as well as aeros and formation training if required.


For more information please call / e mail.


Serious enquiries only.

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Cessna 182Q 1/6th Share, based at Gamston (EGNE).

30 Jul 21 - Bruce Lee




Cessna 182Q 1/6th share for sale. The aircraft is based at Gamston Airport (EGNE).


The Cessna 182Q was first registered in 1978 and is on the UK register.


The group have spent in excess of £20,000.00 in the last few years having some of the avionics updated and replaced also the interior has been refurbished, which makes this a wonderful, go to places, comfortable, full IFR, four seat tourer. The aircraft will fly with four people, full fuel tanks and luggage. The fuel tank capacity is 300 litres, which gives a full six and a half hour range.


Some of the avionics installed include:- Garmin GTN 650 and a Trig Mode “S” Transponder with ADSB out, along with a King DME and a Narco ADF, also installed is a PilotAware system. The Garmin GTN 650 database is updated on a monthly basis.


The group is extremely well run and has a positive bank balance, which will go towards a replacement engine, when the time comes to replace it. The engine hours are currently around 800 hours.


The aircraft is hangared and is extremely secure. The landing fees at Gamston (EGNE) are free for all home based aircraft.


The paint work and interior are in good all round condition.


The availability is excellent, as the aircraft is underused.


There are two headsets, life jackets, a PLB, which are included in the share purchase.


The share price is £16,500.00 for the 1/6th share. The monthly cost is £160.00 and the hourly flying cost is £100.00, which includes fuel and a 50 hour check. Very economical flying, for such a fabulous aircraft


For further information, please contact Steve on 07540-786240.

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2008 Cirrus SR20 G3 1/5 Share for Sale

3 Jul 21 - David Gregory

2008 SR20 G3 1/5 Share @ 40K


Hangered just outside Cambridge. EGMA


Avidyne Entegra PFD/MFD

2 Brand New Garmin GTN 650Xi

Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel

Garmin GTX-330 Transponder

DFC90 Digital Autopilot

E-Max Engine & Fuel Monitor

406 MHz ELT

DME and Full IFR (Rare on a Cirrus G3)

Approach Charts (Geo Reference)

TTE 1850

Brand New Annual (June 21)

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Share in a Piper PA32R Saratoga based at Biggin Hill

2 Jul 21 - Paul Sodagar

• IFR Ready: HSI and KFC200 autopilot and flight director, slaved to the GNS430

• PilotAware

• Golze ADL Weather

• Mode S/8.33

• 6 place intercom with crew isolation

• ELT, lifejackets, life raft and spare headsets

• Black leather interior with club seating

• Healthy Engine Fund

• Hangered and handled in/out

• Very comfortable aircraft for both crew and passengers with club class rear seating arrangement and centre refreshment console.


Friendly group along with a group instructor (CRI) available for check-out, conversion training etc. Willing to consider Equity or Non-equity.


Equity members pay £250/month and £200/tacho hour wet. Share price is negotiable with the person leaving. Hull is insured at £75k


Non Equities pay £250/month and £250/hour. A refundable £1k share/despoit is due for non equity members

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1/3 share PA32R301T at £65,000- A real go places 6 seater

24 Jun 21 - Jeff Barnett

The last Turbo SP off the production line, currently airframe c3,500 hors, Engine 79 hours since overhaul by Gamma and prop newly overhauled with annual just completed by MCA Piper service centre at EGHH


Garmin 750 with 430 and flightstream 510 , Garmin G5 coupled to King 150 auto pilot.

Interior completed 18 months ago, factory fitted oxygen ADSB in/out, ADF and remote DME.


Currently on 2-REG but would consider changing to N-REG, would also consider quarter shares, flexible on base but south coast, central preferred.


Looking for serious expressions of interest, call me for more information




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1/3 Share - High-end PA32R-300 (GTN750, F/Stream 510, 2x G5's) at EGKR or EGKB

21 Jun 21 - Peter Dalton

Rare availability for a 1/3 share in a sensational low timed high-end PA32R-300 Lance featuring a Garmin GTN750 moving map / touch screen display, Garmin Flitestream 510 connectivity as well as 2 x Garmin G5’s with Century III autopilot. A true 6 passenger aircraft with 98 USG fuel tanks (94 USG usable). 1/3 share at £60k based at EGKR / possibly negotiable at EGKB

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New Group Cardiff/St Athan

20 Jun 21 - Paul Ramsay

Hi I am looking to either start or join a group out of Cardiff or St Athan. Looking at a group with 4/5 shares to purchase a 4 seater C172/PA28 or something similar. Just seeing if there is any interest out there so please get in touch to discuss. Many thanks

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New PA46 Group: Southampton

11 Jun 21 - Anthony Biddulph
Location: Southampton

Available is a 33% share in my beautiful PA46 hangared at Southampton. It is a 2006 year PA46-350 Malibu Mirage. Pressurised 6 seater. The panel is all glass with the Avidyne Entegra suite and a new digital Avidyne autopilot.


The picture shows twin GNS430 nav/com units however, these have recently replaced with twin GTN650xi units. The aircraft is exceedingly well equipped with FIKI protection and onboard Wx radar as well as Iridium Wx receiver.


I have one existing partner who owns 33% of the aircraft and I am looking to sell down 1/3 of the equity so that the aircraft is owned by a group of 3 persons. Availability will be excellent with a shared calendar in dropbox to manage bookings.


Any serious enquiries, please contact me!


Anthony 07921498858 or anthonybiddulph@gmail.com

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Sling TSI group forming

9 Jun 21 - Hitesh Sanganee
Location: Top Farm

I am hoping to form a group to buy a Sling TSI (4 seater) and have it ideally based at Top Farm or nearby.

Here is a link to the aircraft - https://slingaircraft.uk/aircraft/sling-tsi/

If you are interested in joining, please email me - hsanganee@me.com

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8 Jun 21 - Garry park

I am looking to join a group (Equity or non-equity), or start a group preferably at Elstree. Ideally I would look for a PA28.


PM me if your group is looking for another member or you would consider setting up a group at Elstree.

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Bristell NG5 1/5 share near Colerne/Bath

2 Jun 21 - Bobby Henderson

One-fifth (20%) share. £22k. 393hrs as of 30/04/21.

Reluctant sale due to relocation.

Rare opportunity to join this fantastic syndicate, operating a Bristell NG5 completed in 2016 to a very high specification.

110Kts cruise at 17.5 litres per hour (mogas) and 250kg payload (no W+B issues) makes this a serious touring machine, and the superb handling makes it great fun to fly. Securely housed in a modern private hangar at Wadswick Farm, near Colerne/EGUO.

750m grass strip (10/28) open all year (TODR: 200m, LDR: 100m). Ample car parking, plus cafe and farm shop.

Web/app booking with Goboko. WhatsApp group. Google Drive.

Good availability. Currently a mix of retired and working age individuals. Would suit a mid-time LAPL/PPL holder, or above.

More pictures on request.


• £122 per month (into syndicate bank account) to cover hangar, insurance, and annual.

• £40 per hour wet (covers fuel, engine fund, and routine servicing).

• No landing fees at Wadswick.

Expect ~5 hours DOE for type conversion with instructor. LAA membership required.


• Rotax 912iS (fuel injection) with upgraded exhaust

• Fiti electric variable pitch prop

• Dual Garmin G3X touch screens

• 1:500k UK CAA + Europe map subscription

• Garmin 2-axis autopilot with GMC305 control panel (LNAV + VNAV)

• Garmin GTR 225 radio (with integrated intercom)

• Garmin GTX 23ES mode S + ES transponder

• PowerFlarm, ADSB-in/out traffic info

• PilotAware/SkyDemon iPad on RAM mount

• USB charging ports

• Bluetooth (for Phone/FlightAware/iPad etc)

• Electronic CO sensor

• Funke BFI57 backup flight instrument (altitude, airspeed, heading, climb rate)

• Electronic aileron and elevator trim

• Metal fuel lines with Andair fuel cock

• AVEO strobes and LED landing lights

• Nosewheel steering, with toe brakes

• Leather seats with 4-point race harnesses

• Tinted canopy

• 120 litres total fuel capacity

• Amble storage behind seats

• Wing lockers (20kg max load each wing, 40kg total, or +40 litres mogas)

• PLB, liferaft, lifejackets

• Touring canopy cover

Contact Bobby - bj9k@hotmail.com

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28 May 21 - Deleted User

Two 25% shares now available at £15k each in this classic military trainer hangered at Compton Abbas. An appreciating asset in a very low hours airframe, scrupulously maintained by Classic Aeroplane Co. with recent NARC and annual. Airframe 1830 engine 1797 prop150. Excellent availability at £120/month and £40/hr dry.

Tel John Mann 07748 964864 or Bill Fernie 07764 274084

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1/20 Share for Sale in a PA28-140, Old Buckenham, Norfolk

19 May 21 - Julian Campbell
Location: Old Buckenham

G-AVWA is a classic PA28-140 Cherokee. This lovely aircraft is owned and managed as SFG Ltd by its members. She is well equipped with a Garmin Mode S transponder, Garmin 8.33 Nav/Com radio, VOR, ADF and Pilot Aware 'Rosetta'.


The aircraft is always maintained to a high standard and is kept hangered at Old Buckenham. The airfield is conveniently situated between Norwich and Thetford with easy access from the A11.


Bookings are made online with great availability.


SFG is a long-established group of 20 pilots from a range of backgrounds. The group is very friendly and several of the pilots fly together to enhance the flying fun. Group finances are excellent with a healthy bank balance and engine fund.


The group normally requires pilots to be current licence holders with a minimum of 100 hrs total time, but those with less experience or who need to revalidate their licence can be considered.


Monthly rate: £75, Flying rate currently: £88 (per tacho hour wet).


Share price: £1,200.


If you would like to find out more, please contact Julian Campbell on 01638 717337 or 07540 112801 or Malcolm Wood on 07710 762588 or 01362 687645.

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Piper PA28-181 Archer 1/28 share based at Shoreham

18 May 21 - Martin Saville
Location: Shoreham Airfield

A share is available in this stunning Shoreham-based Piper Archer II. The group is friendly and very well-run with internet booking and good availability. With a 120-kt cruise, comfortable leather upholstery and a Garmin Avionics stack this aeroplane is ideal for touring. Garmin GNS430 NAV/COM/GPS, Garmin GNC255A NAV/COM, Garmin GTX 328 Mode S Transponder, 2 x Garmin GI 106A CDI with glideslope plus ADF and DME. Aeroplane was resprayed and upholstered in 2012 and looks fantastic. The group has healthy funds to cover all foreseeable eventualities including engine and propeller overhauls when the time comes. Always hangered, the aeroplane is a pleasure to fly and is in first class condition. £75 per month, £119 per hour wet. Share £1,900. Contact Martin Saville on martinosaville741@gmail.com

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PA28-180 1/3 Share at Thruxton

17 May 21 - Dominik Lipnicki
Location: Thruxton
1/3 Share for sale PA28-180 - £11,950
Classic touring PA28-180 based at Thruxton.
G-ASFL is one of the first PA28s to be registered in the UK (1963), starting its life at Logainair as pilot transport.
The aircraft has been superbly maintained by Wiltshire Aviation (Popham). In August 2015, the aircraft underwent a bare metal respray, leather re-trim and new carpets, whilst the engine was zero timed March 2018, just 185 hour ago. Good to go for many years to come.
Trig TT31 radio, Twin VOR/ILS/DME, Trig TT21, Mode S Tpdr, Garmin 340 Intercom + music socket. Fixed ELT. 4 x LJs, rear seat headsets, towbar. Usable load now 980lbs as well as a new Cambrai cover in 2019.
FL is often seen on the continent as well as all over the UK. The friendly group was established 11 years ago with an up to date engine fund (£3,316), excellent availability with long bookings welcomed. Internet booking system, flight instructor in the group.
£220 per month + £15 per hour (dry) for engine fund.
The fantastic Thruxton airfield is right on the A303, convenient for London area as well as the South-West. 800m tarmac runway plus night flying in the Winter.
Contact Dominik on 07941685023 or dlipnicki@yourmortgagedecisions.com
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Cessna FR172 Reims Rocket 1/8 share based Shoreham

12 May 21 - Roger Buckingham

A share is available in this lovely Shoreham-based Reims Rocket. Friendly Group, internet booking with very good availability.210hp engine with VP prop makes this a real go-places aircraft. Factory-new engine fitted 2012, just mid-life now,newly refurbished prop. Comprehensive avionics fit, 2 x 8.33 radios, mode S transponder and touch-screen GPS. Always hangared. £125 per month, £108 per hour wet. Share £4500. Contact Roger Buckingham rogerbucks@talktalk.net

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Half / Third share Emeraude CP301A - Hardwick

8 May 21 - Walter Baumann

I would like to form a new 2 or 3 person syndicate around my Emeraude CP301A - G-BIJU. She is a pretty example of this iconic aircraft, 80 kts cruise @ 20 l/h (Avgas), over 3 hours endurance.

Factory built 1957, refinished in 2005, new interior 2017.

Airframe: 3,490 hours

Engine: C90 on condition, total 2,750 hours, 30 hours since zero-hour overhaul.

Permit 11/2021

KRT2 8.33 kHz radio, Trig TT21transponder.

Currently hangared at Hardwick Airfield (10 miles south of Norwich) Shares: GBP 9,000 / 6,000

Contact: Walter Baumann, 07775632571

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SOLD - Robin DR400/180 Regent

27 Apr 21 - Martin Kimm
A rare opportunity to join an extremely well run, friendly and superb group, flying the 'best in class' 4 seat tourer, IR equipped Robin DR400/180 Regent. 
Excellent availability and hangered at Nuthampstead (4 miles south of Duxford).
Search 'G-BUYS Flying Group' for full spec and further details.
Share price £8,000. Monthly subs £80.
Contact Martin Kimm 0789990311 or martinkimm@hotmail.co.uk 
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Quarter share in a Maule MXT7-180.

12 Apr 21 - Dorian Crook
FOR SALE- Quarter share in a Maule MXT7-180.
Hangared at airstrip near Royston and Cambridge. Hourly Rate £105ph including contribution to Engine Fund. Monthly £145pm.
Hours-Engine 240 since Overhaul, Airframe 1177 ,Propeller 203.

Contact Tim Franklin 07770 572927
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