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Aerobatics & Displays classifieds

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Aerobatics & Displays classifieds

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Pitts Special - Aerobatic Training


Come and fly in a classic Pitts S2a from Gloucestershire Staverton Airport. EASA Aerobatic rating and type conversions available as well as trial lessons / introductory flights. Flights are tailored to your requirements. There's nothing like a Pitts, everyone should have a go at least once!


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T6 Harvard Experience Flights

1 Mar 19 - Andrew Goodall

For a cost effective solution to scratch the itch of flying in a warbird, book now and fly in our Advanced “Harvard Trainer – The one and only “Wacky Wabbit” If you have any questions about our experience flights please take a look at the “Frequently asked questions” link You may also view out Terms and Conditions at the following link. If you cant find the answer please contact us at Email Info@T6Harvard.com

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Extra 200 serial 023 (1998)

11 Jan 19 - a di bernardo

Offering my privately owned Extra 200 Registration D-ELOP serial 023 . Mfg 1998

Sold to get another aircraft within a group.


TT airframe / engine 960 H no accident history, all SB's performed, complete history since new available.


Under D registration a/c on condition, TBO engine 1400 H + 10% after that extension with oil and compresion analysis.


Prop will be overhauled fo safety reasons ( Also on condition) it has reached calendarial 6 years deadline, and looks new. Also for safety reasons new rudder cables have been fitted last year.


New radio, new transponder, fitted with Aspen 1000 display ( 13'000 euros expense) Invaluable for ferry flights. This aircraft has been equipped with optional long range wing tanks ( 150 Lit)


A wonderful aircraft, fills a gap between the Cap 10 and the 300 HP.

Engine does not use any oil at all during ferry flights.


Offered as equipped but without parachutes,


140'000 euros including VAT ( Not refundable)


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Aerobatic, UPRT, Spin and Formation Training with the Yakovlevs Display Team

5 Jan 19 - Matthew Kitson

Fly one of our 3 Super Yak 52s with their 400+hp radial engines. If you're interested in becoming a display pilot or flying warbirds where better to train than with current display pilots in a Russian Warbird.


The Yak 52 is a superb training aircraft that requires careful engine management and will teach you to use your feet correctly. Check out https://www.yakovlevs.com/training/#1543953397046-38f09552-e16d for more info or email matt@yakovlevs.com

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6 Apr 18 - Chris Hudson

Immaculate Folland Gnat T1 for sale along with mountain of spares including engines, canopy, brake sets,




Call 020 3638 4691

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Old Buckenham Announces new LAA & Homebuilt Festival for 2018

6 Nov 17 - Matt Wilkins

Old Buckenham Airfield is pleased to announce a new all-weekend event aimed at

aircraft registered under the Light Aircraft Association scheme. To be held over

the weekend of the 29th and 30th of September, 2018, the LAA & Homebuilt Festival

is a new addition to the Airfield’s calendar for 2018.

The LAA oversees the largest fleet of aircraft in the UK, ranging from the

latest machines through to some of the earliest vintage examples from the very

beginning of aviation. Old Buckenham, a former USAAF base is home to many LAA

aircraft from all eras and regularly holds an LAA Fly In-which has been known

to host over 100 aircraft at a time.

Over the weekend of the 28th and 29th September the airfield will make all of

its facilities available to visitors, including two museums; the 453rd

Bombardment Group Museum, home of the largest collection of 453rd memorabilia

in existence and the new 8th Air Force Heritage Gallery, which opens on

Remembrance Sunday 2017. The perennially popular Jimmy’s Cafe (named for

Hollywood star Jimmy Stewart; the airfield’s first Operations Director) will be

open throughout, as will the Attack & Destroy Bar, named for the 453rd’s motto.

Musical entertainment will be laid on in the airfields famous WWII Blister

Hangar and a 2015 built facilities block, with showers will allow visitors to

camp overnight.

The airfield is home to the Old Buckenham Airshow, the largest Airshow in

Norfolk and Suffolk and winner of the prestigious EDPHoseasons ‘Family Event

of the Year’ in 2016. As a result some of the equipment and planning from the

Airshow will be used in order to give the potential for companies and

individuals offering services to LAA aircraft to be able to exhibit. An indoor

market place is also planned.

Some of the companies already supporting the event include The Light Aircraft

Company, manufacturers of the Sherwood range of aircraft and one of very few

aircraft manufacturers in the UK. Wings and Wheels will also exhibit some of their work; they offer a full paint and interior service for light aircraft; one

of very few companies to do so in the UK.

Pilots are invited to book in from now using a dedicated page which can be

found at www.oldbuck.com. LAA related companies and service providers are also

welcome to discuss the potential for exhibition space by emailing



Book In at http://www.oldbuck.com/en/events/the-laa-homebuilt-festival/

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T6 Harvard Aviation - Warbird Displays

1 May 15 - Andrew Goodall

We don’t just do public air shows, we offer tailor made, bespoke private spectaculars to suit your private event or function. If you are looking to add that ‘something special’ to your occasion why not book your own breath taking private air show now.

Right on cue with precision timing you will hear the roar of our radial engine T-6 Harvard's rasping over your stunned and bewildered guests at speed up to 200 miles per hour. We can obtain CAA clearance for our T-6 Harvard's to fly down to as low as 200 feet performing loops and rolls and other remarkable air combat manoeuvres...... Contact us now to find out availability for your event. We have two Harvard's and can offer a static display or a flying display....single or a pair of aircraft

E - Info@T6harvard.com

W - www.T6Harvard.com

Mobile: +44 (0) 7850 907183 (Glen)

Mobile: +44 (0) 7840 750999 (Neil)

Mobile: +44 (0) 7747 841348 (Mike)

Please visit our web site for further detailed information


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Aerobatic Displays by Lauren Richardson

1 Sep 14 - Lauren Richardson

Lauren flies the beautiful Pitts Special, a high performance aerobatic barnstormer!

The Pitts Special performs beautiful, flowing aerobatics at a low level with gorgeous smoke trails to help you really follow the shapes of the sequence. Photographers love it.

From private displays at weddings, birthdays, anniversary celebrations, event openings, fetes, fayres and rallies, to high capacity airshows, one of Lauren's displays can really make for a memorable experience.

Contact her by email at lauren.richardson@live.co.uk or by telephone on 07843 677609.



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Aviation Advertising - Aircraft Wrap!

9 Nov 13 - CG Aviation

**Unique Aircraft Exterior Branded Advertising**

Full and Partial Aircraft wrapping opportunities!

Advertise your company or brand on a Cessna 152 up to a Boeing 737!

General Aviation aircraft located throughout the UK

**CG Aviation work with a specialist aviation graphic company to design your wrap or decal**

Minimum term contracts apply.

Other services include, banner towing, aerial photography, leasing, passenger & cargo charter, ferry flights and flight training.

Contact us for more information!

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Air Displays

6 Sep 13 - Justyn Gorman

Justyn is one of the UK's most experienced air display pilots with over 500 shows, 11 years display flying experience in a wide variety of machines and an unlimited level comprehensive UK CAA display authorisation.

From large coastal air festivals to private wedding and events, all types of events and functions catered for.

Event planning, CAA approvals, site suitability, Police and emergency service liaison, flying display director roles undertaken.

Film and TV

Fully insured

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Aerobatic Training in Extra 200

The British Aerobatic Academy is based at Little Gransden Airfield. We run a variety of training courses from Spin recovery for the GA pilot to AOPA Aerobatic courses. We have a various aircraft available to teach in and are also happy to teach in owners aircraft @ £40 per hour. We normally use our own Extra 200 and charge £245 per hour.

We are happy to do bi-annuals with a difference and also do tail wheel conversions and formation training. Each flight is tailored to meet your individual needs and we work hard to deliver excellent training.

Get your AOPA Aerobatic rating or EASA Aerobatic rating with us!

Adrian Willis is a well known competition aerobatic pilot and display pilot, for further information telephone 0771 2864413, or visit the web site http://www.BritishAerobaticAcademy.com

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Yak-52 Aerobatic Display

17 Feb 13 - Etienne VERHELLEN

Yak-52 Aerobatic Display.

Pilot : Etienne Verhellen.

Yak-52 'janie' G-CBSS.

UK CAA Display Authorisation DA N°868.

Do not hesitate to get in touch :


Also Yak-52 training anywhere.


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Forums Currently discussing "Spatial Disorioentation"


Aerobatics & Displays classifieds

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