Ref: Panshanger Aerodrome / UKGA Dear UKGA Community. I have set up a Website & E-Petition in support of Panshanger Aerodrome; my aim is preserving the WWII Heritage as named ‘Holwell Hyde Heritage’. This is from the wartime name of Raf Station Holwell Hyde which was the home to the dummy factory, which when built using tent canvas and awning ropes, and shaped like a factory, from the air it looked like De haviland at Hatfield. After this the Raf changed its name to Raf Station Panshanger and began a process of training non-commissioned Sergeant Pilots, those who qualified after receiving their wings became Acting Pilot Officers, at least 4800 people were trained at Panshanger during the war years. On the first page of the website is a concrete area between hangers and this was where the graduations took place, on the Parade Ground. I have been in touch with RBL, RAF, the Local Council, Government and many other bodies raising awareness of this important piece of heritage. This is also an active aerodrome run by North London Flying School and as a local resident whom has been a member there since March 2010, It has enlivened my life and those I have brought there, to use the coffee shop and to attend some of the events. When I was involved with the Save Panshanger group, I found out things like its very useful for youth, the local University & aviation visitors, even the police train there from time to time. Infact there is a lot of positive potential for the aerodrome, something I feel the local council have overlooked. The Heritage is one of those things, if you support the heritage, you support the aerodrome as they both go hand in hand; however this turns out, this is truly worth saving. The Heritage Site. Please can as many UK supporters of Aviation sign this E-Petition; 1000 will get an acknowledgement from government. 100,000 will get this issue discussed in Parliament. The E-Petition Kind Regards, Dean McBride Founder Holwell Hyde Heritage P.s I have been pushing Welwyn Hatfield Council to recognise the wartime achievement of Panshanger aerodrome, and last night at the council meeting an Appraisal has been recommended to take place to see if the aerodrome can be listed in the form of an Conservation Area.