I have come to point of needing to go pro. Hi Dean Sorry not to reply to your message below earlier – I’ve been for a few days. Most of our clients do seek sponsorship – and in fact the typical scenario for an enquiry like yours is when a group is considering putting in a funding application, and we provide a quote for the purpose. So I’d be very happy to talk to you on that basis – and can advise on the application. Most of our community heritage websites are funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. If you weren’t thinking of arranging funding, then our costs for a stand-alone site are probably out of reach. To give you some idea, we normally provide a package of services that includes set-up of a website or catalogue, training, graphic design, hosting and maintenance – and the budgets range from £3000 - £6000. That kind of sum is usually well beyond the reach of a private individual or a group’s spare cash reserves. If you don’t want to consider a funding application, then there might be other low-cost options – but they’re unlike to cover the bespoke requirements for image protection that you mention in your e-mail. However, I’d happy to advise you if you’re willing to speak on the phone – even if you don’t end up using our services. Hope that helps Best wishes Hi Dean You don’t need to be a charity, no – but you do need to be a not-for-profit group. That means there needs to be a number of people involved (not just one), and you need to have a constitution and a bank account. Those last two are pretty easy to acquire and need not cost anything (when I last checked, at least). Does that apply to you? Cheers