Response on 16th August from Thames water and this has been the longest ongoing save panshanger issue. 16 August 2013 Our Ref : Questions for our Asset Management team Dear Mr McBride I'm sorry for my late response. Please find below the answers to your two questions; 1/ Is there a New 'Direct Connection to the Southern Outfall Sewer at Rye Meads' since 2009 The Southern Outfall sewer is located at Welwyn Garden City. It was constructed in 2003 and has been fully operational since that time. 2/ It said in the 2009 WCS that "It would be better for local authorities to build in other catchment areas". Why was this comment made? The comment regarding building in other catchments was targeted towards growth proposals in North Herts District and Stevenage Borough where there was the “option” for draining new development flows to either Anglian Water STW’s or Thames Water STW’s. It was the long lengths of potential upgrades to the existing Thames Water sewers that drove this comment. I trust this information is useful. If you would like to speak to me about matter, please call me on 08457 200897. Our offices are open between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Yours sincerely