Sent to Thames water yesterday the 19th of August; hopefully they will finally answer Q1; Dear Thames Water, It would be fair to say that that the question on Rye Meads Direct Connection to the Southern Outfall has not been answered; thank-you for letting me know about the Welwyn Garden City Outfall and thank you for your responses so far; I have just 3 more questions to ask, though question 2 has 4 parts; can you please answer the following; 1/ Is there a 'Direct Connection to the Southern Outfall’ at Rye Meads'? 2/ It said in the 2009 WCS that "It would be better for local authorities to build in other catchment areas". The response to this question was: ‘The comment regarding building in other catchments was targeted towards growth proposals in North Herts District and Stevenage Borough where there was the “option” for draining new development flows to either Anglian Water STW’s or Thames Water STW’s. It was the long lengths of potential upgrades to the existing Thames Water sewers that drove this comment’. a/ Can you please tell me what is the ‘Per Capita Consumption’ rates (percentage in addition to the established flows) in the North Herts District and Stevenage Borough since 2009? b/ Can you please tell me what percentage of these New Development Flows had drainage diverted to Anglian Water STW & Thames Water STW since 2009, to present? c/ Have the ‘Thames Water Sewers’ been upgraded since this comment in 2008/9 was made? 3/ How Many Boroughs currently have flows going to Rye Meads WwTw? Kind Regards, Dean McBride P.s I am keeping Eric Pickles MP, updated on the outcomes of these emails.