Somewhere in the past with Save Panshanger, is yes, but the Panshanger Residents Committee (aka Panshanger People) were set up when the community were engaged via the save panshanger group. the old save panshanger group (as I call it) came to an end in February last year and like Johnny English was reborn with a new leader and the residents committee continued the fight and still are. I could have had a part to play in all that but alongside saving panshanger, I found myself in a deep personal problem and my focus shifted to that issue and withdrawing from my intense pressure campaign for panshanger to trying to save my personal issue, but alas it was not to be. I have come back now in to the fray and finished off some work left undone when I left the campaign but now the Sewerage Infrastructure partners of the 2009 Water Cycle Study all have a copy of my own version of the 2009 WCS Evidence and I found in particular Harlow, East Herts & Anglian Water were very interested in that doc, shame though that the local council did not carry out their own WCS Review (as recommended by Thames Water). The History also I have found new evidence that states that the Secretary of State can overule WHBC decision on the Conservation Area Appraisal by the heritage company as like with Kenley Aerodrome, Panshanger is also a Factually rare Aerodrome and only 1 of 4 in the UK today. Watch this space. A long winded reply and a vague one in places.