Hi Everyone. I went to the recent council meeting and everything is pointing to Panshangher being developed for housing. I am still believing for a turn around and not because of what i can or can't do; I hope that the community can return to the place and enjoy it once again. I hope the land owners see that there is more to life than just houses. Sure, houses have to be built, but do they have to build on an aerodrome. The council quipped that the recent newspaper story about my rejection by the secretary of state for Panshanger for conservation and the fact that the aerodrome is now closed and to them it is just land. Hatfield Aerodrome is gone, and Panshanger is all but gone, but if you care for any aerodrome in the world, now is the time to stand up for what matters. I am appealing the decision by the secretary of state and for the point of my case. There are at least 7 former Battle of Britain aerodromes remaining but only 4 3D Star Fish Decoys. Please sign the new petition. Ab-Initio Verimus-Calum.