Hi Dean I must commend you for your sterling effort in trying to keep Panshangar Airfield open. The problem is that airfields are prime targets as 'brown field sites' for housing, and coupled with uncontrolled immigration from the EU and the influx of refugees from Syria and Iraq (most of whom are economic migrants from elsewhere), the Councils are desperate for suitable land for housing, and airfields are an easy target. One way of making GA airfields more viable and sustainable is for the airfield owner to allow Hangar Homes to be built on the airfield. That would at least retain the airfield, and subject to planning, conventional houses could be built behind them without airside access to satisfy the Councils needs. Anyway check out my website: www.hangarhomes.co.uk, and if it's not to late then forward it onto the local Council for Panshangar for their consideration. You never know, this may well satisfy the own and the Council, as well as the locals that want to keep the airfield. Kind Regards Peter Day