Hi Peter. Thanks for your message, good idea but Panshanger is tied in to a tug of war between the local council; landowner; several major developers; local community with varying degrees of support and a few Waco types like me who have to prove what was in the pudding all along by the end of this year when the Govt Inspector comes down to inspect the Local Plan. Me personally, I am going to have the local plan thrown out! after that preventing housing development based on its unsuitability based on the lack of infrastructure which is in this case is plain Sewerage. I have just recently sent off my definitive letter to the water company asking them to answer my 2 years worth of specific research on admissions in the 2009 water cycle study. I plan to nip it in the bud this year; whether this does anything is another thing as sooo much evidence has already been provided by the community that it comes down to plain stubbornness being the common obstacle.