Save Panshanger Panshanger people The Last Big Push! I know it's a lot but I have to ask! Please share as much as possible Can everyone on here please follow the instructions below? If we do not, the Airfield will revert back to gravel and housing. There is a real chance it will happen! See, what has happened is the council had a meeting last Friday and decided that the airfield was not viable. But we have submitted a plan and can make it work and have proved with the experts that it can be done and have the backing to make it work. On top of that I want to make it a community led airfield and will have people on the board from the local community. The new layout is at the end of this, and we now have an access road off the old entrance. But I know I lot of you will find it a hard pill to swallow by supporting the plan as it is today, but if we do not and it is changed at the next CHPP meeting, we will loose the Airfield as it is the way our council are swaying towards. But if we support the plan as is now and enough people go with it, then the council must continue with it. I was right about the gravel and the writ, so please believe me now. We must get behind this. In a nut shell it's time to give and take or have it taken away. Ok deep breath. Bare with me here. I have to explain this in detail as we had a big following of the older generation at the airfield and the support of young and old matters. Go to the link below. It will take you to consultation page. At the top r/h side, click on login/ register. On the box that pops up, make up a user name and password. On the next page, click on the blue bar register as a consultee. Next page, fill in your details. And agree to terms and conditions Click on green tick. Next page, confirms you have been sent an e mail. Go to your e mail in box. Click on link highlighted in blue. You have to re log in with your user name and password. Next page, put in your details home address etc., click ok. Now the bits marked with a red Astrix are the main bits so no need to fill in disability and that. Scroll down, click on green tick. Next page, do you live in borough,etc., just fill it in to your best knowledge and click OK. Next page you have finished registration. Stick with me on this. The next home page is a list of subjects. You need to scroll down to line No.4. Draft local plan policies and maps. Click on blue writing. Click on view and comment. Next page: Part B No.4 - Click (Yes ) No.5 - Click (Yes ) I know but we have to do it. No.7 - Click (No) No.9 - (tick all three) Feedback form (yes) How did you hear? (Put web site) We monitor? (Put Yes) In the last box, cut and paste this letter: PANSHANGER AERODROME Dear Sir, As local citizen of the Welwyn and Hatfield Borough council, I express how delighted that our councillors on the CHPP Committee have made a great decision to include Panshanger Aerodrome as part of our local plan. I support the decision of Welwyn and Hatfield borough council to reinstate the aerodrome. I believe this would be a great asset to the borough by creating a great mixed use opportunity of an aerodrome with; learning and sports activities in flying, as well as creating much needed jobs and investment into the local community with the engineering and development aspect. I know a local businessman has put a plan forward which incorporates all these things. I am in support of his vision to the future of the aerodrome. This action shows that the council are considering the local community and creation of jobs in the local community as well as gaining the housing. This shows great initiative on behalf of the council and I give it my whole hearted support. End. Click OK. *Fingers crossed.* Thank you Colin