It is wooden,and 74.8" (190cm) long with a leading-edge covered in metal (extending to include the tip). It has the markings :Supreme Propeller Co -Wichita Kansas. and ATC 2-101 and D424L on one blade,with RPM 1750 and 2647 on the other. It is probably from a Taylorcraft or Piper Cub Type aircraft but I have no real idea of the age or history. The company has its roots in the 1920`s but I think this one was made in the 30s,40s or perhaps later. I`d appreciate any gen anyone might have. I am used to seeing the diameter and pitch values and a serial number on propellers so these must be company design and spec codes I suppose.. ..I can email pictures if need be ( I don`t know how to attaché any to this message).