IWM Duxford Safety Day and Bonus Days 2017 Safety Day 8th April 2017 Vintage Aircraft Bonus Day 3rd June 2017 Flyer Magazine Bonus Day 15th July 2017 LAA Bonus Day 5th 5th August 2017 The Safety Day is a mixture of short presentations (CAA - Tony Rapson, Head of GA Unit; NATS; D&D; GASCo) and table top sessions from a wide range of experts to whom you can chat about safety issues. The Vintage Aircraft and LAA Bonus Days are for members of the organisations or for people interested in VAC/LAA. The Flyer Magazine Bonus Day is for light aircraft pilots and anybody with an interest in flying. Landing fees on the above days are discounted to £8 and museum entrance is free. A contribution to costs of £5 is made by Safety Day visitors. Remembrance Sunday is 12th November 2017 -- a very special day with free landings and free entrance to the museum. Airshow Dates: May 27th and 28th July 8th and 9th (Flying Legends) September 23rd and 24th This post is just to give you advance notice to put the dates of interest in your diary. Look out for more detailed postings about each event. All the events are "Fly-in" and all dates require a landing slot to be booked. Call the Tower - 01223 833376 Alan.