IWM Duxford have had a couple of policy changes in the last few years which have not really encouraged pilots to fly in to the airshows. However, there is now a new policy which should be much more encouraging. The problem was that IWM required airshow visitors, including fly-ins, to buy tickets in advance. Many pilots took the view that this might mean money would be wasted if the weather turned out to by too bad to fly and it was too far to drive and so did not come to the airshow. The airfield team have been pushing for a change in policy and I'm glad to say that a better deal will be implemented for Flying Legends (July 2017) and beyond. 1. You must read the flying information and book your landing slot in advance. Call the tower to do this 01223 833376. 2. You can pay your landing fee and your airshow admission on the day when you land (no cash, use your debit/credit card). This is more expensive at £45 per person (but see below). Landing fee for light aircraft is £30. (The higher cost is because we need two staff to process the payments on the day). 3. Alternatively, you can book your airshow tickets in advance (even on the day prior to the airshow) at normal rates if you feel confident about the weather. The procedures document for pilots including these details is available from IWM Duxford. Call the tower 01223 833376 or email airtraffic@iwm.org.co.uk or visit the website: http://www.iwm.org.uk/pilots We used to have 100+ aircraft visiting for the May and Legends airshows. I really hope this change encourages pilots to fly in again. FLYING LEGENDS is 8th and 9th July. You can use the above procedures for this show. Alan. Alan.