Hi UKGA. I know I have not posted on here for a year (apart from the 2 posts above today) but I have just completed a microscopic investigation of the 2009 Water Cycle Study and the Draft Infrastructure Delivery Plan concerning the local authority and a utility company, now that the light at the end of the tunnel is next Thursday 26th October 2017, On Friday I am looking at going back to the history of panshanger aerodrome hanging up my sewerage title for good which was how I managed to get a meeting on August 4th 2017 with the utilities company Executive team for planning. I am (at least for a few more days) the local community sewerage infrastructure expert of the rye meads waste water treatment works catchment area. I am also the founder director of Holwell Hyde Heritage which is one of the titles used at Panshanger as Raf Station Holwell Hyde during WWII. To recap what I have already done on the history: Historic Appraisal carried out by Welhat Council costing £13K 2 Secretaries of State both said no to me to a conservation area. HMQ Elizabeth II said no to Royal Assent. No buildings were listed anywhere on or off the aerodrome concerning the aerodrome. Tried to procure the nearside wartime hangers with parade ground as a Living Heritage Museum for Tiger Moths. Tried to get Memorials carried out on the Parade Ground. Wrote to the King of the Netherlands and he responded. Wrote to the Crown Prince of Bosnia who responded and said 'The History Should Be saved'. Contacted British Pathe who after a 2nd search of the archive found a mislabelled film which is now the widely used Police Flying Club at Panshanger Airport. I have a history website which then became post war aswell on panshanger aerodrome: www.ab-initio.wix.com/holwellhydeheritage The motto of the website and what I truly hoped for with the Panshanger Aerodrome is: 'Ab-Initio Verimus-Calum', which means "From The Very Beginning, To High In The Sky"