Update on my attending the Hearing Session on the allocation of sites in the Welwyn Hatfield Local Plan June 27th 2018; I attended; I spoke; I left. I had 7 questions to ask; 2 to WHBC; 3 to litchfields representing the 2 panshanger developers 'Mariposa & Homes England, formerly the Homes and Community Agency' & 2 to Thames Water. All 7 questions relate to each question. After my first question the gov't inspector cut me off and the other 6 were not asked tho I did say the others were similar. It looks like the inspector has already made up his mind on panshanger and he seems in favour of housing. I am disappointed with myself in that I could not address the mendacious and prevaricating behaviour i have experienced from several infrastructure partners of the local plan and literally 2 weeks before attending the hearing 2 pro panshanger housing developers had a copy of minutes of a meeting I attended that was a private and closed meeting and those minutes were used as supporting evidence on the inspectors question 25. I will be explaining this dishonest behaviour in detail to my MP. The question worth noting and my final post as, as it stands we have to accept the death knell has been sounded already on panshanger aerodrome and the dishonest behaviour by the local authority and utility company might be acceptable in some circles, it is not acceptable in mine. Ab-Initio Verimus-Calum