hello john the problem is your center of gravity i have took a guess and put it in at 42" so put the following numbers into sd and it will get you going but get your weighing schedule for the right numbers fuel measurement by volume litres fuel tanks lever arm 24.3 tabs 200 ltr capacity 340 ltr weight and balance model standard empty weight 1049.0 kg c of g 42" loading points pilot 37.00 0kg co pilot 37.00 0kg center seat lh 70.00 0kg center seat rh 70.00 0kg aft seat lh 96.00 0kg aft seat rh 96.00 0kg baggage forward 127.00 0kg baggage rear 145.00 0kg envelope 33,1049 33,1133 42,1639 50,1639 50,1049 as i said weight schedule and poh is master but this will get you going enjoy tony