Hi All Has anybody dealt with Aero Pac in Belgium, the sell dodgy copies of tugs designed in germany. Here is my experience:- We bought a tug from them after speaking at great length to Dieter Defour about the best tug for our SR22. At first he was very helpful and we sent him 1850 euro for the APT 7500 after he told us it was the correct tug for the job. When it was delivered it only worked intermittently i.e. juddering and then began to spark and was arcing, it was in danger of catching fire even when turned off. We got on the phone to Dieter and he explained a way to correct the issue and told us to open up the unit. After this, the unit was a bit charred and melted but now worked, so we tried it on our Sr22 and it was totally useless, it wouldn’t actually turn the plane at all and only worked in a straight line, this was a shockingly bad design that just wasn’t fit for purpose. I spoke to Dieter and asked for a refund and here are the joke of responses he has so far used as reasons not to offer a refund:- The item was specially made so you cannot return specially made items :- (this is total rubbish, if an item is faulty you have a right to a refund regardless if it was specially made and it wasn’t specially made in anycase, he told us directly it was a stock model and actually despatched same day. It now turns out I have found countless reviews where he simply states everything is special order and refuses any kind of refund. You modified the tug !!… (he actually blamed us for modifying the tug ! , he was referring to when we had to open up the tug to stop it catching fire !!!, he actually told us we should not have opened it.... if we had not it would have burnt our hangar down and 4 jets with it !!! We delivered you the wrong item , this tug was meant for somebody else !!! (He actually tried to tell me after weeks of arguing that the tug we had was meant for somebody else and had been delivered incorrectly by the pallet carrier, so in belgian law he had the right to send us a fresh one or exchange for the Ipac3000 which was another 5000 euro extra !! He then sent an email saying “I have spoken to my lawyer who tells me I can refuse a refund”, he then copied in lawyers email address to make me think he had a lawyer. I tried desperately to contact this lawyer Caroline Mortier and asked her to email me directly , and after digging further I actually think this lawyer is his wife or girlfriend who has a part time job defending him, she has not yet been in touch some 3 days later, so I have emailed her full time boss in the firm of lawyers she is listed to let him know what they are up to. I finally got so fed up with this that I posted my thoughts on EUROGA forum. Dieter saw this post and then hey presto, he emailed me and told me he had always wanted to offer a refund and was sorry, if I took down the post he would offer a refund, so I removed the post in the hope he had seen the error of his ways. He has actually refunded me at last !! but has then not collected the item after having us wait a whole day on xmas eve. He has now arranged a pickup just before new year There are many other ripped off customers on forums if you read carefully. DO NOT BUY THIS JUNK FROM DIETER ,HE SEEMS NICE BUT HE IS A CON MAN