Hello! hope you are doing fine. Ive recently finish building a rather powerful set of force feedback pedals based on real GA Twin pedals. Also im about to finish the Yoke as well. It consists of BLDC motors and controllers for each axis. This is all controlled via some code and interacts with the flight simulator which is X-Plane At the moment ive written some code that interacts with the flight simulator, and basically changes the forces on the controls based on speed. The faster you are going the stiffer they get. Im happy with the result, is much better than the more common 'spring' loaded setup. However i would like to improve it. They are always straight , and that is not realistic in my opinion. these are the 3 basic parameters i can modify: 1) position of the axis, aka move the axis to a desired position 2) Position Gain, aka how much it will resist to changes in position from the desired position. the higher this value the higher the force will be to center it back 3) velocity gain. aka how much it will resist to changes in velocity, this would be something similar to 'viscosity' (aka moving your hand in water versus air) Im looking for advise on the behaviour of the controls, and how the world/events affect them. (mostly GA, single/twin prop piston and turboprop) for example > on some planes on the ground the elevator will move all the way forward due to the weight of the elevator. When you pick up speed the elevator will center itself. > on some light planes wind gusts will move the ailerons on the gound > on single engine airplanes on takeoff when you apply full power the right rudder seems to be much stiffer than the left one > on twin engine airplanes with one failed engine one pedal seems to be much stiffer than the other one. > when you taxi over grass/bumps the pedals will move according to those bumps Im looking for ANY advise on these kind of effects, and some guidance of the behaviour of the controls. Ideally coming from real world flight experience I will try to program these into my code to for a more realistic experience. Thanks a lot!!!