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5 Feb 13: Waypoints

I've done a bunch of changes relating to waypoints.  You can now add / remove / edit your own waypoints.  I've created separate pages for your waypoints and for the status of UKGA waypoints in general.  I know this has been a long time coming and that a lot of people will appreciate this change!

At the same time, I've improved the waypoint service in general: you can no longer pick a waypoint (yours or someone else's) if it's been marked as Wrong, i.e. in the wrong place.  After all, why would you?!  Similarly, you can't modify or delete your own waypoints once they've been marked as Right.  Once they've been verified, other users may start to use them, and so it doesn't make sense to be able to change them. 

You can pick a waypoint that is Unverified or Uncertain, but you should be aware that the "owner" of the waypoint could change it in the future.  

Finally, I've also modified the flight planner so you can search for airfields (either start, end or waypoints) by ICAO code.  A small mod, but one that's been requested a few times. 

4 Feb 13: New logbook features

I've updated the UKGA pilot logbook system a bit. It has a couple of new features. Firstly, you can now log twin flying time. This is just an "aide memoire" field for people to use to keep track of their twin time, and is independent of the other fields such as P1, P/US, day or night, etc. 

Secondly, you can now add balancing entries. This is useful for people who want to use the logbook but just don't want to add all the flights from their paper books, but would rather start from now. When you go to add a new flight, you can just click on either the "New flight" or "New balancing entry" tabs. 

Finally, a quick reminder, for your own peace of mind... take a regular copy of your flights with the "Backup your logbook" option. This will download a spreadsheet-compatible list of your flights with all their data.

26 Jan 13: Major improvements to speed, mapping, flight planning

Well, I've been having a bit of a catch-up on a lot of fairly large mods. The first is that the site has been sped-up and optimised just about everywhere, and it feels a lot zippier.  I know that many of you will appreciate the improvements in speed.   

The major noticeable change is that I've made the maps on the site iPad / Android compatible now, by eliminating Flash from  the maps.  This is something I've been asked about many times, and I'm really happy to roll that out.  The map changes are quite extensive -- affecting just about every map on the site -- andI'm sure there are going to be some teething problems, so shout if you experience any odd behaviour.  

I've also been optimising the flight planning system.  It's now many times faster.  A typical plan before might have taken, say, fifteen seconds to calculate.  Longer ones might have been thirty or forty.  Now, each leg takes about a second!  I've also improved the speed of the planning map (which shows NOTAMs for your route) and that is now really quick too.  

While I was in an optimisation mood... I've also optimised the search somewhat.  This was taking ages to return results from the large dataset of forums, news, flight plans, photos, airfields, etc.  The new improved search is much quicker, and I still have a few more changes to make.  It's terrific to have a much faster search because it really opens up all that knowledge that we've accumulated on the site.  You should find that the results it returns are a bit more meaningful too.

I rolled out the changes last night, which meant that the site was down for a little less than two hours between 1am & 3am.  One side-effect of the update was that I inadvertently resent the News & Classifieds bulletin again.  Sorry about that!  

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now.  Hope you like the changes, and more coming soon...

21 Jan 13: NOTAMs & French airfields

Been having a bit of a catch-up on a few mods.  One that you're sure to notice if you get NOTAMs by email: the NOTAM schedule is now sent with the NOTAM details.  For example, a NOTAM migh operate from 1st January to 31st January, but the schedule might state that it's only between 9am and 10am each day.  Previously the schedule was shown on the site but now you'll get the schedule on NOTAM emails.  N.b. that not all NOTAMs have a schedule and are in effect constantly between the from and to times.  

Couple of minor changes to flight plans, in particular that flight plan PDFs now open in a new window, which is much less disruptive than having the PDF open in the same window and overwrite your flight plan.

I've also been catching up with a load of French airfield changes, so you should find that a lot more of your favourite French airfields are now in place.  Obviously this is also reflected (where relevant) on the METAR map.  Also working on some major changes to the site... more soon. 

3 Jan 13: Happy new year!

Just a quick update to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year... and I hope it includes a lot of flying too.  Lots of work and a new baby have kept me from doing much new development on UKGA this year, but there are many new things coming up on the site before long, so more updates soon. 

10 Dec 11: Logbook import

If you have a lot of logbook data in a spreadsheet, and you've been putting off retyping it into the UKGA logbook... you can now use the new logbook import page.  It accepts CSV (comma separated values) data so you can just do an export from your spreadsheet... and import into UKGA. 

Find the logbook import routine on the logbook menu - it has instructions and help information.

4 Dec 11: Christmas decorations

We usually have Christmas lights on UKGA.  Not this year though!  The new Christmas decorations are up -- you just need to find them.  Happy hunting!

3 Dec 11: AVGAS 91UL

So, I've modified the site to record and show prices for AVGAS 91UL.  You can add prices for four types of fuel now, either via the airfield pages, or via the quick fuel price update page.  This page, in case you haven't seen it, lets you enter a fuel price in about 10 seconds, so it really is quick... 

I've also added a 91UL availability page, like the MOGAS availability page.  Again, if you could let us know where you spot 91UL, we can keep the list up-to-date. 

Also working on a fuel prices and availability map... though I think I'll make that live with the rest of the mapping changes. 

30 Nov 11: iPad compatibility

I've been having a bit of an iPad-compatibility drive, making a few mods here and there to make it more tablet-friendly.  I've been testing these on an iPad tablet, but actually most of the changes will also affect Android tablets, and perhaps others too.  I'll give Android tablets a good test when I get my hands on one (and I'm dropping hints with Santa, though she's claiming poverty at the moment).

Changes include new menus, different link spacing, parts of the page that respond to clicks as well as mouse hovers now (because of course mouse hovers don't exist on the tablets without a mouse).  Let us know if you get any specific issues with iPad / Android tablets. 

25 Nov 11: France, Belgium & Netherlands airfields and wx

For those who are interested in destinations further afield... I've added some more foreign airfields to the site.  The selection includes airfields in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Also, I've extended the weather service to include French, Belgian & Dutch TAFs and METARs. 

You can subscribe to get the weather from these countries sent to you by email in the mornings and also request the weather by text message.  

To see the new airfields, check out the weather map, do a search by name or ICAO -- usual stuff.  Bear in mind that the details are obviously a bit scant on many of these airfields, so please help out and send in what you know. 

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Flight planning New flightplan NOTAM map LARS map & NOTAMs Danger area, mil. & TRA activations Weather map GPS route download Find waypoints Your waypoints New waypoint


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